Hi. I’m Amy Slater…

I’m passionate about empowering moms through food and fitness. In addition to my nutrition and fitness credentials, I’m a mom of two sets of twins! Yes, you read that correctly, TWO sets of twins. I started this blog when I was pregnant with my second set, my girls. I began with documenting my pregnancy and sharing my unconventional approach to feeding myself and my family, and it has evolved to become a true resource with recipes and tips to help others implement these nutritional principles in your own homes. There are also posts about motherhood, how-tos and my experiences with two sets of twins, as well as a section on fitness!

You can read more below about why I chose this way of eating and how it has helped me overcome some health challenges.

My Credentials…

·      Bachelors Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics

·      Fellow of Applied Functional Science, the Gray Institute

·      American Council on Exercise and National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Trainer, 17 years

·      ViPR Certified Trainer and Global Ambassador

·      IDEA industry association member

·      Completed postnatal training under Jenny Burrell

·      Completed Female Chain Reaction training under Christina Christie, PT, CCE, FAFS, FMR


My style of healthy eating began after struggling with various health problems for many years, ranging from attention difficulty to hypothalamic amenorrhea to skin and digestive trouble. After trying many other things and receiving much conflicting advice from doctors and specialists of every kind, I decided to take matters into my own hands and see if I could better manage my health through diet. During this time, I ate a low fat, standard American diet full of refined grains and conventional meats and produce. After researching my health problems, I started seeing the connection between my health ailments and my diet. I started by adding in what was missing…nutrient dense, real food. Then I took out what I did not need: gluten, conventional pasteurized dairy, refined sugar and vegetable oils. Amazingly after consistently applying this approach I have completely reversed my health problems and all essentials for mothering two sets of twins has improved. I have greater stress tolerance (ESSENTIAL), stamina, energy and blood sugar control. I have accomplished it all by following the healthy eating methods I share with you here.

One of my goals is to help educate mothers on building a system to consistently feed themselves and their families real, nutrient dense food. I also share methods to make it easier and more affordable, from the basic staples to more advanced recipes. I also offer a focus on practical ways to feed your children these healthy meals and snacks, which can often feel particularly challenging in today’s fast food/junk food laden environment.

I love interacting with my readers, so I encourage you to comment on my posts, either here or on social media, send me an e-mail, or whatever else works for you. I do respond to all communications and I look forward to getting to know you!


Amy Slater, CPT, FAFS